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The New (ab)Normal

The New (ab)Normal

What do the Challenger space shuttle disaster, the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, and the Trump White House have in common? In situations rife with uncertainties, decision-makers miscalculate risks, make mistakes, and engage in misconduct. They activate the "dark side of...

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What is democracy?

Democracy is a form of government in which parties lose elections. I learned this definition in grad school in Adam Przeworski's course, "Theories of the Capitalist State." Clearly, it stuck with me. This definition gets to the heart of the matter. It hinges on what...

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Shock surrounded by chaos

At this point, everyone is sick of hearing about James Comey. But when news of his firing came across the chyron last Tuesday, I had a flashback. My mind returned me to April 1982. I was walking down Fifth Avenue in New York and I saw the newspaper headline ARGENTINA...

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Post Election Stress Disorder

Stress resulting from living in America these days is affecting me, my work, and my productivity. I’m not alone. There have been a steady stream of news articles about “post-election stress disorder.” It’s a catchy headline but psychologists don’t like it. They pushed...

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New work. . . and some on hold

Short articles are the vehicle of the day. I have a number of non-writing projects lasting until the end of summer 2017. While book research is on the back burner, I am contributing short pieces on a semi-regular basis to OmTimes and I'll post...

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