“How’s the book coming?” I get asked (repeatedly) by family and friends.
“Good,” I say.
“Great, when will we get to read it?”

Ah, I’m thinking . . . that’s hard to say. I spend more time researching than I do writing, and then when I make sense of the research, I may have to reconsider what I had been planning to write. So “writing the book” always takes longer than estimated.

Here’s the other thing about well-researched non-fiction: a writer always ends up with way more interesting information than can possibly fit in a single book.

Can live blogging the book be a way to satisfy my anxious relatives and provide a wealth of information to my readers . . . before anyone can read the final product? It might be fun to try. Why don’t I offer bits and pieces as I go along? Then we can all be amazed at how things come together for publication. May that happen sooner than later.